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Art saves the sea in Maremma Tuscany Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort

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Art saves the sea in Maremma Tuscany

Casa dei Pesci - Maremma Tuscany Sea Museum

La Casa dei Pesci is an amazing project that aims at protecting the sea of Maremma Tuscany through art. It works with a network of artists who create statues that are placed on the seabed and become “obstacles” against illegal trawling. This practice has terrible effects, destroying fish, invertebrates, corals, seaweeds, seagrass, and leaving a devastated environment behind. La Casa dei Pesci contrasts this illegal activity hoping for a better sea restocking, and creating artistic and didactic sea paths in tourist bathing spots in southern Tuscany.

Artists create statues that become obstacles againt trawling


So, how does this environmental-artistic project work?

It is very easy.

1. You make a donation on casadeipesci.it.

2. An artist sculpts a statue.

3. La Casa dei Pesci creates an underwater museum of art.

4. The fish repopulate the sea.

Underwater sea museum in Maremma Tuscany

The area involved in the project goes from Punta Ala down to Monte Argentario, passing through Castiglione della Pescaia, the Maremma Nature Park and Talamone.


Discover the Art of Saving the Sea

You can learn more and help this project, actually meeting one of the artists involved with La Casa dei Pesci, by joining a special event that will take place at Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort, Porto Ercole, on 24 August at 6:30pm. “Discover the Art of Saving the Sea” is an event that includes the project presentation with sculptor Massimo Catalani & hero fisherman Paolo Fanciulli, followed by an aperitif on the panoramic terrace of the design hotel.

Generous donors willing to support the cause with donations of 1.000, 5.000 and 14.000 euro, will be rewarded respectively with a painting by Mariarosa Chiarello, a sculpture by Hans Goelles, and the painting “There She Blows” made by Massimo Catalani with photo-luminescent salts. Of course, donations of any amount are welcome and can make a big difference in protecting nature.

Art saves the Sea in Maremma Tuscany


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