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Trekking on Monte Argentario: Tips & Trails Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort

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Trekking on Monte Argentario: Tips & Trails


Why trek on Monte Argentario?

The Promontory of Monte Argentario offers an amazing network of hiking trails that take you in direct contact with nature, history and local culture. There are itineraries for outdoor activities and excursions that are suitable for trekkers with all types of experience, for first timers and for all levels of difficulty.

When trekking on the Argentario Promontory, you will go from finding yourself in the middle of the thick Mediterranean scrub, to reaching dramatic cliffs overlooking the Maremma Coast or Giglio Island, to exploring ancient fortifications and towers, to venturing in secluded coves.

Many of the hiking trails are signposted, clean and accessible, thanks to the work that was done by the Argentario Trekking Group to recover the ancient ‘mulattiere’. These were the donkey paths that local farmers used in the past to reach the cultivated terraces on the slopes of Monte Argentario.


Argentario Hiking Tips

The mild weather makes it possible for you to trek in Monte Argentario in any season of the year. In July and August, it is recommended to hike in the early morning or late afternoon, when the Mistral breeze brings some cooling.

Make sure to wear comfortable and light clothes, preferably with long pants and sleeves because many hiking trails are immerged in the Mediterranean shrub. Choose a comfortable pair of shoes that can deal with any kind of terrain, as the trails can pass through cement, unpaved roads, woods, shrub…

In addition to water for you to drink, it’s a great idea to bring with you also a cap and a light K-way (it does not rain frequently, but you never know!).

And, of course, don’t forget your camera to capture unforgettable moments and panoramas that will appear along your Argentario trekking experience!


Examples of Trekking Trails

A couple of examples of easy hiking trails include “I Fari“, a 50-minute hike that takes you to an ancient lighthouse and to a modern one near Porto Santo Stefano; and “L’Anello di Porto Ercole”, a 90-minute hike to explore the ancient fishing hamlet, the imposing Forte Stella and the panoramic route overlooking the Isolotto (islet).

If you are looking for a tough challenge, the ‘Anello dei Crinali‘ takes about three hours and a half to complete. Its points of interest include the panoramic Convento dei Passionisti, the Annunziata estate and the massive cross known as Croce del Predicatore.

Want to discover more paths? The Argentario Trekking Group has published a guide with 31 hiking trails and itineraries in this part of Maremma Tuscany. You can buy the guide online here.

Photo Credits: Andre de Maria www.monteargentario.info

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