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10 villages to visit in Maremma Tuscany Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort

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10 villages to visit in Maremma Tuscany

If you are looking for travel inspiration in Tuscany, here are some of the most idyllic villages for you to visit in Maremma. What do they all have in common? They are off the beaten path, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, and steeped in history.

This means that you can alternate your holidays between activities in nature (such as hiking, cycling and golfing) and cultural tours to learn about local history, architecture and traditions. And let’s not forget about the food! Maremma Tuscany is home to the Strade del Vino, or local wine trails that wind their way through local towns with the most incredible wines and products.


Porto Ercole
Porto Ercole has been part of “I borghi più belli d’Italia” (the circuit with Italy’s most beautiful towns) since 2014. It’s a delightful seaside village on the eastern side of the Argentario Promontory. Its silhouette is characterized by the colorful harbor and the majestic ancient fortresses called Forte Stella, Forte Filippo and Forte Santa Caterina. The historical center is surrounded by walls built by the Sienese in the 15th century, and can be accessed through the gothic-style door with a beautiful clock tower.

porto ercole @alessioagvado

Porto Ercole by @alessioagvado

Also known as “little Athens”, this charming hilltop town features the Church of San Nicola, Palazzo Collacchioni and Capalbiaccio Castle. From its ancient walls you can enjoy beautiful views of the Sea and of the Tuscan countryside. Nearby you cannot miss the Tarot Garden mixing art and nature.

capalbio by @silviadelsole27

Capalbio by @silviadelsole27

This hidden gem near Scansano’s vineyards is one of “I borghi più belli d’Italia”. Stroll through its ancient alleys and breathe history! Among its top sights are the Church of San Giorgio and the magnificent Piazza del Castello: this scenic square is intact in its medieval layout and stone houses.

montemerano by @monte_merano

Montemerano by @monte_merano

This unique town is located in the center of the homonymous lagoon, which an important nature reserve managed by the WWF. In addition to bird watching and cycling along its beautiful bike trails, in Orbetello you can enjoy historical sights like the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the remains of the Roman city of Cosa in the nearby fraction of Ansedonia.

orbetello by @test_srls

Orbetello by @test_srls

This is a tiny hamlet of Etruscan origins, but its charm is enormous. Take your time to walk around its historical center, to admire the Duomo, and to take a beautiful photo in front of Palazzetto dell’Archivio. And nearby, don’t miss the Etruscan Necropolis of Sovana.

Welcome to the “Matera of Tuscany”: this small village owes its nickname to the large amount of tuff used in the construction of the houses and because it is reminiscent of Matera in Basilicata.

sorano by @donnapetrei

Sorano by @donnapetrei

Pitigliano is also known as the “Jerusalem of Tuscany” for its 16th-century synagogue and for the Jewish communities that lived in this hamlet throughout the centuries. It’s a wonderful town that, just like Sovana and Sorano, rises above an immense tuff rock. These three villages are known as “I borghi del tufo” (the tufa rock hamlets).

pitigliano by @andrea__mu

Pitigliano by @andrea__mu

Porto Santo Stefano
Located in the northern part of the Monte Argentario Promontory, this panoramic village has a great seafaring tradition. Today, Porto Santo Stefano hosts important events like the Argentario Sailing Week and traditional festivals such as the Palio Marinaro dell’Argentario. The Spanish Fort welcomes you with its splendor!

porto santo stefano by @daniela__rossiii

Porto Santo Stefano by @daniela__rossiii

Massa Marittima
In addition to having a cute historic center, Massa Marittima has obtained important awards for its environmental quality. Located in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills, it features the natural areas of Lago dell’Accesa, the Marsiliana Nature Reserve and the Interprovincial Park of Montoni. If you like archaeology, don’t miss the site of Poggio Castiglione.

massa marittima by @guglielmodanniimarin

Massa Marittima by @guglielmodanniimarin

Also nestled in the Metalliferous Hills, Gavoranno is a charming medieval town with views over the rolling hills and the valley down to the sea. Its Parco Minerario, set in an abandoned quarry and dedicated to the area’s mining past, is worth visiting, just like its fortress of Castel di Pietra. Nearby you can find the art garden by Daniel Spoerri.

gavorrano by @francoises28

Gavorrano by @francoises28

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