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Visiting the gorgeous Corsini Botanical Garden in Porto Ercole Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort

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Visiting the gorgeous Corsini Botanical Garden in Porto Ercole

Thanks to its well-preserved historic center, ancient forts and charming harbor, Porto Ercole is one of Italy’s most beautiful villages (I Borghi più Belli d’Italia). But this Tuscan seaside hamlet is also home to another treasure that you can reach before entering its Old Town… the Corsini Botanical Garden!

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Overlooking the sea, Orto Botanico Corsini is a green oasis of over 3 hectares (8 acres). Initially known as Parco di Acclimatazione della Casa Bianca, it was founded in 1868 General Vincenzo Ricasoli (1814-1891). It soon became one of the most important gardens of acclimatization in Italy. By 1885, it already housed over 1500 species of rare and exotic plants from all over the world.

Today the collection is curated by the Corsini Botanical Garden Association and includes over 1,300 trees and shrubs that spread over the terraced hillside. The vegetation belongs to approximately 150 species that come mainly from India, Afghanistan, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, China, Mexico, West Indies, and the Americas.

A special mention goes to the palms, which constitute one of the most important collection among Italian gardens: you will find more than 20 species and about 340 specimens, including some very rare ones!

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The Corsini Botanical Garden Association is committed to preserving the environment but also to promoting an active cultural center that addresses the relationship between humans and nature. The botanical garden is therefore a wonderful venue that hosts cultural events, education and training programs on natural sciences, yoga lessons, and guided visits to learn about its flora and fauna.

Thanks to its location at the doors of Porto Ercole, the Corsini Botanical Garden has preserved the small town and prevented it from being overly developed.

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Visiting the Corsini Botanical Garden in Porto Ercole is a unique and extraordinary experience.

Book your visit by contacting info@ortobotanicocorsini.org and discover all the rare plants of the garden thanks to the expert and passionate guides!

For more information, visit www.ortobotanicocorsini.com.


Photo credits: Giuseppe Zanoni & Orto Botanico Corsini

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