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Argentario Golf Villas is an exclusive collection of bespoke villas that are perfectly integrated into the Tuscan landscape. They boast ground-breaking design and views of the laguna, golf course and sea in Maremma, an unspoilt corner of Tuscany. Located in a natural oasis near fashionable Porto Ercole – close to Rome, Siena, Pisa and Florence – it is the perfect location for who loves golf, beach, spa, art and high quality food.

Luxury Villas for Sale in Tuscany - Buy a Villa in Porto Ercole

Owners benefit from a range of amenities and services offered by the 5-star Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort, including 24-hour security, property management and personal concierge. Owning a villa at Argentario Golf Villas is the equivalent of a fabulous  vacation and a solid investment in Tuscany.

When you purchase your design home in this luxury real estate project, you can use it whenever you like; the rest of the time it can be put in a rental pool to generate income in your absence. Argentario Golf Villas offers proven expertise and personalized management of your property, creating the conditions for maximum return on investment. Prices start from € 1.900.000.

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Maremma Cottage

Living area: 137 m² _ 1474.66 ft²
Dépendance: 31 m²_ 333.68 ft²
Roof garden: 80 m² _ 861,11 ft²
Terrace: 64 m² _ 688.89 ft²
Exterior living area: 131 m² _ 1410.07 ft²
Access area: 35 m² _ 376.73 ft²
Cart parking: 15 m²_ 161.46 ft²
Total Customization Possible

Hills Lodge

Living area: 220 m² _2368.06 ft²
Dépendance: 40 m² _ 430.56 ft²
Roof garden: 163 m² _ 1754.52 ft²
External relevance area: 108 m² _ 1162.51 ft²
Access area: 11 m² _ 118.40 ft²
Cart parking: 30 m² _ 322.92 ft²
Total Customization Possible

Tuscany Mansion

Living area: 475 m² _ 5112.86 ft²
Dépendance: 60 m² _ 645.84 ft²
Garden roof: 227 m² _ 2443.41 ft²
Terrace: 26 m² _ 279.86 ft²
Exterior living area: 348 m² _ 3745.84 ft²
Entry area: 64 m² _ 688.89 ft²
Cart parking: 30 m² _ 322.92 ft²
Total Customization Possible


Interior Designs

Lagoon Bay Style

- Light wood floor with white or grey panelling
- Country chic details with a modern touch

Horse Track Style

- Natural stone floor
- Warm and natural colors palette

Olive Trees Style

- White, pale green and natural color palette
- Light oak wood floor