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Original Drinks: “Argentario Spritz” Cocktail Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort

Hotel lusso a Porto Ercole - Toscana

Original Drinks: “Argentario Spritz” Cocktail

The majestic white spiral staircase leads you into a bar lounge furnished with tables shaped like wild boars and a counter that is reminiscent of an unlikely science laboratory. Across the lounge, the panoramic outdoor terrace offers panoramic views of Orbetello Lagoon and Monte Argentario’s lush landscape. Welcome to Aper Bar, the design lounge bar in Porto Ercole and one of the coolest meeting spots in Maremma Tuscany.

Cocktail Lounge Bar in Porto Ercole

The lounge bar with the “wild boar tables” by Marcel Wander, and the grand staircase leading to Aper Bar

Aper Bar - Best Cocktails in Porto Ercole

Aper Bar, reminiscent of an unlikely science laboratory

Aper Bar: Giuseppe Calo

Barman Giuseppe Calò

Aper Bar’s cocktails delight the most demanding palates from Italy and around the world, both with classic cocktails and original recipes. Examples?

“Argentario Spritz” is one of the most popular cocktails, requested both by local regular clients as well as international guests staying at Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort, where the bar is located. The cocktail is a variation of the classic Spritz.

Argentario Spritz Cocktail

A summer must: the revisited Argentario Spritz

Argentario Spritz Recipe

- 3 cl of Aperol
- 1 cl of homemade sour cherries syrup
- top with Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
- garnish with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry


Totally Black: an exclusive cocktail

Barman Giuseppe is also worked on a signature cocktail for Aper Bar and Argentario Resort. This original black cocktail will be presented by Giuseppe Calò on 3 October 2017 in occasion of “100 e Lode”, a prestigious competition among barmen from luxury hotels across Italy.  The cocktail uses black cuttlefish ink and will be accompanied by caviar and a cream with Greek yogurt, licorice from Rossano and caviar powder. See the cocktail recipe here.

Original Cocktail with black cuttlefish ink and caviar

Top Secret Cocktail with cuttlefish black ink

“Totally Black” Cocktail with black cuttlefish ink, accompanied by caviar and a cream with Greek yogurt, Rossano licorice and caviar powder


Curious to taste this original and potentially award-winning cocktail? Make sure to visit Aper Bar in fall or winter. If you visit earlier, the team at Aper Bar will be delighted to surprise you with many other classic and creative cocktails.

Aper Bar @ Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort
Località Le Piane
Porto Ercole – Tuscany
aperbar@argentarioresort.it – Tel+39 0564 810292

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